How to Book / Prices

We have 4 ways you can book. 

Either through email, through Facebook messager or Whatsapp (bottom right on our website) or our facebook page RapidReptilecourier

Prices are as follows for England & Wales.

£45 upto 200 miles (West of Swansea £5 Surcharge), then £5 for each additional 50 miles. This price is for up to 6 small animals (1.3L or 3L Braplast tub / 5L RUB) or 2 medium sized animals (up to 33L RUB). For this all animals need to be collected from one address and delivered to the one address. After this its £10 for each additional animal.

For more than 1 booking on the run we offer a discount (You must do the booking). Each additional booking will be £35 upto 200 miles, then £2.50 for each additional 50 miles.


Additional Information

We can pick up from Reptile shops but the shop would need to be available 
for pick up between the hours of 7am – 11pm. 
Either at the shop or an alternative address. 

We need all smaller animals sent in Braplast tubs. This is due to the way the van is set up for securing them in transit and for optimal heat distribution. If you don’t have these we can supply them on the day for the following cost.

£1.50 – 1.3L / £2.00 – 3L. Please let us know when booking if you require any.

All larger animals also need to be in tubs which you will need to supply. We will not except snake bags as they cannot be secured down. They need to be in a tub.

Small Equipment can also be transported (best to book early as space is limited) prices are the same £45 up to 200 miles and £5 each additional 50 miles. If your reptile needs to travel to you with its equipment/enclosure we can do this for a reduced price of £15.

All deliveries include a ‘You’re Next’ text. this will include an ETA.

Delivery times are between 7:00am – 11:00pm.

Once our bookings close we will not be able to “squeeze” you onto the run. If you inquired and didnt pay before the run closed you will not be on the run. 


 Need your animals delivered a certain time or day? ask us about a personalised courier service. We can offer this service outside of the monthly run only.


By booking Rapid Reptile Courier’s service you agree to our terms and conditions here. 

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