Terms & Conditions

All Animals are required to be in a secure travel container.  We recommend Braplast tubs.  This is for the animals safety, and helps with the regulation of heat. No animals will be accepted in snake bags / pillowcases or anything we deem unfit for travel. It is the customers responsibility to provide the suitable container.

Please make sure the customers name is written on the travel tub and matches the name that was supplied to us at time of booking.

We will not accept delicate Reptile Species E.G Chameleons, Uroplatus. 

All payments need to be made ASAP to secure your place on the run.  We accept Bank Transfer or Card Payments.

If you cancel your booking between paying and the bookings close, you will incur a £10 admin fee deducted from your refund.  Any cancellations between the time of the bookings closing and the day of delivery you will lose your full payment.  

On the day of Collection / delivery you will need to be home from the beginning of your time slot.  Social media will be updated when the run is running ahead or behind schedule.  Although we try our best to start within the allocated time, sometimes things happen out of our control.  You will be notified if the time falls outside your slot.  If the driver is ahead of schedule and you cannot be available for that time, the driver will wait for you until the start of your time slot.  If the driver arrived within the allocated slot and you are not there, he will contact you and will wait for 15 Minutes.  Failure to show after 15 minutes results in you losing your slot and you forfeit your full booking fee.

All deliveries include a ‘You’re next’ text with an ETA.

Delivery times will be between 7:00am – 10:00pm.

Any animals unable to be delivered as nobody was available to take delivery will return with me to my base, and will be required to be booked onto the next run for redelivery (Delivery fee will need to be paid again) to the buyer, or returned to the sender.  Any animals not collected or redelivered within 3 months will be classed as abandoned and moved on to a suitable new home or rescue.

Once our bookings close we will not be able to “squeeze” you onto the run. If you inquired and didnt pay before the run closed you will not be on the run.

Rapid Reptile Courier insures animals up to the value of £500 per customers shipment with a valid Vet health check Certificate before travel or £100 without a Vet health check Certificate.  For high value animals we would advise buying additional insurance.  Any unexplained deaths while in transit will require a post mortem before we can issue any insurance claims.

In the event of a van breakdown we reserve the right to change the day and time of collections and/or deliveries.  The animals welfare is our main priority and should the worst happen you will need to make yourself available for the new delivery slot.  Breakdowns will affect everyones time and/or day so please try to be as accommodating as possible for everyones sake.

We aim to have all slot time and dates sent out via text / messenger 4-5 days before the run starts.  Once texts have been sent your slot is non-noegoaiable so please make sure someone is available.  Please also confirm with the party that they have received their slot.

When collecting an animal the driver will inspect it.  It will be their decision if the animal is not fit for travel.  If the animal appears unwell or shows signs of disease or injury the driver has the right to refuse the animal.  if your animal is refused you forfeit your booking fee.  If the other party paid the fee it will be your responsibility to refund the party their fee.


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